When our buddy Kaleb Kelley, the man behind the hugely successful ClassicsDaily Instagram page, told us about Trevor Howard at FilteredImagePhotography, and mentioned a shoot he had done on a 1964 GMC Pickup with a twin turbo LS for power, we were intrigued. When he sent us a photo asking if we would be interested in running a mini feature on the truck, we about fell over. This is so our speed. Not only is this truck ultra powerful, but it has that ass kicker patina that is backed up by a stance that says “Go ahead, make my day.” We have a feeling this particular twin turbo LS powered 1964 GMC will punch you right in the mouth for a pint of fuel. It’s sort of like the bully in grade school that was a foot taller and 40 pounds heavier than everyone else, because he’d been held back three times. It’s a truck that would get you sent to the Principal’s office just for driving it to school. And we approve.....