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HONDA will unveil a MotoGP inspired RCV road bike in at the Milan bike show in November, according to rumours

Italian websites are reporting that Honda insiders have said they will unveil a pre-production concept based on the RC213V raced in MotoGP by Marc Marquez. The 'RCV 1000' is said to be due for production in 2015.

Images are also circulating, with one Italian site saying the source is a Honda designer. 

However, the pictures bare more than a passing resemblance to a mock-up created by German magazine Motorrad in January.

They shows what looks like a bit like a 2012 Fireblade with a MotoGP RC213V swing arm, suspension and stubby rear end. There’s Fireblade styling up-front but with added beefy race-based forks. The latest pictures show different colours and smaller headlights.


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